I’m not sure I like weeks off. I mean I do, but also I feel like I need the routine otherwise my whole life just falls into shambles and I get nothing done. I still having the washing up to do that I should have done yesterday and the washing I’ve left in the machine. I didn’t even get up until my alarm went off at 11 (stops me from over sleeping when I do my late shifts) so half the day is gone, and I’ve successfully done nothing. No motivation, but at least I’m popping in here!

Loki smells like a cat litter try and won’t stop pestering me for cuddles, Might have to give him a bath. I swear owning a kitten is like having an over active baby who can climb curtains and jump onto the tallest cabinets in the kitchen. Those cute photos you see online just don’t give you the full picture! (He hates me, I’ve just given his back end a quick wash after realising somehow he’d made a mess. Must suck being a long haired kitty! He looks like a skinny gremlin cat now)


I thought you guys might enjoy this picture of bagel as we were talking about having to give cats bathes! When we first moved in Bagel was absolutely petrified, she hated it for ages and because of this she chose to not go to the toilet for ages. She was just holding it in looking kind of bloated, I was so worried. Until she just had to go, and then she was in the litter box for ages doing the biggest wee you can ever imagine a cat doing, she actually did this weird meow as she did it. In relief? I’m not sure. Because of this the cat litter wasn’t soaking it up fast enough and she ended up having her entire back end soaking in wee. It was gross, she smelt so bad. So she had her first bath ever. As you can tell she hated it. However, cat burrito!

I’ve just tagged this blog post funny, it isn’t but I think Bagels face is hilarious. So sorry,

Speak soon xx