You’re about to see such a bad picture! I had to take it on my phone and I had hoped that with a little editing it would have turned out a little better than it has done. So I’m sorry about that! But I wanted to take a picture of the current products I’m using on my face, and *fingers crossed* the new addition of Micellar Water hasn’t broken me out! Normally if my skin hates something I’ll know about it the very next day with a really painful red bump. I’ll definitely let you all know if I end up with a break out in a week or so, but at the moment it’s all positive!

There it is! Look it’s so good that you can’t even tell what it is I’ve photographed. 😛 So in the morning all I really do is moisturise my face with the Nivea night cream as it’s one of the only creams that doesn’t break me out and really helps my dry skin, there’s another with a pink ring rather than blue that I tried but my skin didn’t like that at all! Sometimes I wipe on a bit of olive oil instead, depends if I want the hassle of keeping my hair out of my face and picking of cat hairs that inevitably land on my face and get stuck making me feel all itchy!

In the evening, I now use the Garnier Micellar Water to remove all my makeup. It makes life so much easier. I can take of my makeup quickly and it removes it all! Which I think has helped calm my face down a lot as I have a feeling the routine I was following before wasn’t really that effective at removing everything 🙂 Then another favourite product of mine is Paula’s Choice 2% BHA gel, it’s a chemical exfoliant and it’s been a God send! I’ve had mine since Christmas and I still have a fair bit left now so don’t be put off by the price like I was for ages. You can find it here for £23.50. I just want to add in though, remember stuff doesn’t work for everyone, I’ve had some people swear by a product only for me to find it a nightmare! However with the chemical exfoliant you will purge! I gave mine a month and my skin calmed down a lot. Obviously if you skin doesn’t seem to be improving after the initial skin breakout then you probably aren’t purging. Anyway after about 20 mins I then moisturise with the Nivea cream and I’m all done! Skin seems pretty happy. I’d take a picture but I don’t really have a before as my skin was so bad for most of this year I was too ashamed to ever grab any bareskinned photos 🙁 So there’s nothing to compare it too!

Hope this was of interest to someone! Byee xx

P.s. Work was great, didn’t forget everything like I feared