I attacked my skin again….

Anyone else a compulsive skin picker? Because I need help! I swear every time I think that I’m over attacking my face I end up doing it again 🙁 My skin is currently pretty okay, got some PIH a few spots here and there but nothing major.

However…. I did the thing. Leant to close to the mirror and started picking at everything that was wrong and before I know it I’ve covered my entire face and I’m red and blotchy, and my skin is a hundred times worse than it was before and I just want to cry. Anyone else?

Currently got a really slippery face to combat the urge of doing it again, as I wacked on a lot of moisturiser and then a little Vaseline as it’s the only thing that will stop me tonight. Why do I do it, and why can’t I stop once I start even though I know I’m ruining my skin?!?!

Might go for some retail therapy tomorrow.

Speak soon! x

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    1. That’s interesting! I’ll have to google it 😛 And its not so bad I think I need help with it 🙂 I definitely think it’s triggered by stress, so I just need to chill out sometimes! and have way more self control if do catch myself looking too closely at the mirror… x

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