Can not believe I’m almost halfway through my week off already! And I’ve barely posted! I went down to visit my parents though and have been catching up on some much needed sleep so I have to admit posting hasn’t been my top priority.

I’ve done all my Christmas shopping though which is great as it means I don’t have that stress anymore but I really really wanted to show it on here! I mean I’m pretty excited about some of the gifts but I can’t. I’m too worried that someone who’s receiving will end up seeing it. So i’ll have to wait till after Christmas to show a few of the things I got people 🙂

On another note I’m going out on Friday for a friends birthday which I’m pretty excited about but I’m really stuck on what to wear. I have my go to heels which look great and are comfy and I’m wearing them with these awesome new faux leather leggings I have from forever 21 but what top goes with it??


£22.75 from Forever 21

Obviously without knowing what tops I have this is a little stupid but what would you wear with these if you were going to some pubs and then a club? I have a few ideas, one being this cute little white crop top I have from River Island but I just feel like I might be over doing the whole tight clothes look haha

Speak soon!

P.S. About to do a mini splurge on some bare minerals make up as they’re my favourite brand for base make up, ooooops