I feel like I had a mini mental breakdown the other day. I had the feeling it was coming on as I’d been so okay for ages but then over the weekend I just felt so negative and rubbish and was super irritable. Then Monday, I was supposed to go back to work. I was feeling ridiculously down for no reason, get into work and every time someones speaks to me I felt like I was going to cry. Not good when your job is dealing with customers all shift. It was making me so anxious that I was going to make even more of a fool of myself that I went home an hour in as I felt so sick.

Which is just rubbish. I need the money, and I let everyone down. I almost called in sick on Tuesday but I knew that if I let myself fall into ‘the pit’ I’d fuck everything up like I did when I went to uni (guess who has no degree, wooo) so I forced myself to go in and it helped. The start of the shift was horrible but after a while I felt more myself. Woke up today with no thoughts of staying in bed forever. So hopefully it passed 🙂

Anyway enough talk on how my mind disintegrated over the course of a few days, here’s a picture of Loki wearing a Christmas hat! I have one of Bagel I’ll upload next time also wearing, but actually awake!


Speak soon! x