Okay, I need to mini rant about what happened yesterday with a customer and then I’ll prep my new makeup post for this afternoon 🙂 Can you tell my Saturday is full with social activities this weekend?

So I work in retail, and yesterday I was on a till and this lady came up to me and I said hello and asked her if she wanted a bag. Didn’t even look at me, let alone say no thanks. I was like cool, maybe she didn’t hear me? As some people tell me I can talk really quietly (looking at you Dave). So I scanned her stuff through and then just double checked on the bag situation, as sometimes people who don’t respond to me are suddenly like “urm can I have a bag” and the way she looked at me was unreal. Like genuine disgust and she just said “no, I do not need a bag” with proper attitude. I swear in situations like this it takes a lot of self control not to lose my shit. You don’t talk to people like that, because if someone spoke to me like that outside of work I’d have something to say.

You think thats it though? Oh no. She payed, left. I served the next person. And then she comes back and says she needs a bag. WTF LADY. ARGHFDJSK.

I have to say 99% of my customers are actually lovely but that 1% are literally the worst. Like they forget that we’re real people just trying to do our jobs and help them with their shopping.

Another bag story, from another job. I once asked a mother and her daughter if they needed a bag. They just looked at me and were like of course we need a bag? What are we going to do with our shopping if we don’t have one? (they had a couple of things) and then proceeded to go on about how ridiculous it was to ask if they needed a bag the entire time I was sorting their shopping. The lady after them didn’t need one, she had her own. Thats why we ask. Why are people so rude.


P.s. I have no understanding of bloglovin. Why have I got 10 followers but can only see 3 of them? I’m so confused 🙁 I want to look at you guys and I can’t! Is it a personal setting or am I not being very smart here?