Bagel looking towards the kitchen for food…


Loki! So photogenic 


Decided to check out the zoom, I love it


Two out of the four newbies that I haven’t introduced you to yet, but keep your eyes peeled for a post tomorrow!

You guys my camera is finally here! There was a little bit of an issue with it arriving at the wrong address however I can finally take lots of pictures that don’t completely suck! I do however need to get a software on my computer that allows me to edit them as doing it on my phone kinda reduces the quality. Although saying that they do look pretty nifty on instagram!

I have a makeup post planned for tomorrow, as I spent the vast majority of today sleeping, cleaning and taking a bazillion photos so didn’t get the chance. In fact I’m still sat here in my pajamas, with my hair a mess and my face looking a bit blurgh.

Totally should go and bath, and make myself some food. All the while taking photos as this is my new addiction.

Talk soon!