Urrrgh Mondays! I can’t wait for the day where Mondays aren’t such a hardship but right now, I’m no fan. Beginning of my work week, beginning of my three late finishes where I won’t be back home till almost 1am and don’t get to really talk to my boyfriend till Thursday! Sucks.

So here I am with my whole morning to myself (and my cats and rats) and yet I’ve only managed to wake up late, feed the cats meat because we’re out of cat food and only eaten a bit of marmite on toast and drunk my tea. Its now half 11 and I still need to sort out my lunch and dinner, get the ratties out for play time and do some pilates! So sore from yesterday though, seriously if you haven’t heard of blogilates google it! She’s awesome. She puts up this free calendar every month that you can follow using her YouTube videos. So you can work out in your own home for free! And believe me it works!



Breakfast from yesterday! Was so much better than today…

Anyways, just a little post 🙂 Gotta get moving before all my free time disappears!

Speak soon!


P.S. For some reason I always find I type me instead of my! I hope I haven’t missed any haha