My boyfriend and I recently added to the family…. It wasn’t really supposed to happen right now. It wasn’t planned. I mean we were thinking that in the future we may.

No it’s not a baby 😉

But a new kitten! Bagel has been stress grooming recently as Loki, being a young cat, tends to be way to boisterous. So with that on the back of our minds and then meeting a young kitten, weeeeellll we ended up with Bilbo.

Bagel doesnt like Bilbo, but Bilbo stays away from Bagel and now that Loki has Bilbo he just likes to cuddle bagel and plays with the kitten. It’s a win win! Loki did go through a bit of an adjustment period where he seemed a little sad, but we’ve made sure to give him lots of snuggles and he seems to be coming around 🙂

Just look at his little face!


Speak soon! I’ll upload more pictures later 🙂 x