It’s not been a terribly good week here. Loki, our 1 year old cat, who’s still very much a baby in my eyes suddenly stopped eating and then breathing rapidly. He’d been a bit quiet for the last month but both me and my boyfriend assumed that he was just burning of more energy playing with Bilbo.

Anyway Tuesday we rushed him to the vets, where the vet basically had suspicions of one of my worst fears. His heart. We were told to go to one of their other branches so they could x-ray him, take blood tests and a heart ultrasound. He stayed in there all night, I was called in the evening and told he had a lot of fluid build up in his lungs and his heart looked thick. He said it looked like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is really serious. It wasn’t confirmed till Wednesday as they had to stabilise him. Judging from the bill we received he was sat in an oxygen kennel for 13 hours 🙁

So yeah, we’ve been told his heart is incredibly advanced for his age. They can’t say how long he has. Some live years, others days. Haven’t really been able to process it all, he’s just so young, you know? He’s now on three different medications and he seems okay, he’s just quite sleepy.

I feel like his how life has been ripped away, he’s even acting like an old man cat now. I just, I don’t know.. I’ll keep you all updated.

Speak soon x