Do you ever wake up and just think nope not today? Then you spend the rest of the day beating yourself up about it as you haven’ been anywhere near as productive as you should have been? Well don’t worry try this [insert name] …

Seriously that introduction was starting to sound like I was banging on about something I was trying to sell. Sorry about that. Honestly though, I’ve been having more than my fair share of ‘those days’ and I just wanted to blog about some stuff that has been helpful to me and hopefully you! It’s pretty generic, don’t expect any major pearls of wisdom. This blog won’t be dropping any newsworthy answers but I guess the more it’s said the better, right?


Don’t stress out so much if you have a super lazy day. My cats do it all the time and they seem pretty happy, so maybe we should take some advice from them. Only worry if your super lazy day seems to stretch into days, then weeks as you gotta talk to someone. However there’s no point starting a negative cycle by hating how apparently lazy you are. Just no.


Eat healthier! And no don’t start, ah no she’s banging on about that thought. I used to be like that but you will honestly feel so much better. I still eat crap foods, but I try and keep that in the minority. My skin is happier, I feel great and you know what? You can make some damn nice healthy meals. Anyone who tells you it’s all salads has no idea what they’re talking about. Try it out, see how you feel! Oh yeah, and that means more water too!


*Cough* Exercise *Cough* Endorphins *Cough*

Oh, where was I? Oh yeah. Bit of a coughing fit but I feel like I said everything there. Right?

All of these aren’t always easy, but this one has taken me ages and I still have moments where I can’t even listen to my own advice. However, stop worrying so much about other people. Most people you won’t ever see again, so who cares if you walked out the house looking like the living dead? No one looks great 100% of the time, hell if I can manage 2% of the time I’m basically winning.


I could go on about loads of little things to do and help, but I won’t as we would be here forever and then it would start to feel like a chore and that’s not what we want! Just focus on one or two things and suddenly everything else will gradually fall into place. Don’t worry if it’s not instant. Nothing is.

Hopefully this was of some help! Let me know what you do when you need a breather, and I will chat to you soon