Welcome back!

So this blog post is kind of in conjunction with my YouTube channel. I’ll be uploading a foundation/base routine later on and I thought on here I would chat about my current skin care routine and my favourite products. As I feel like one of the first steps to make up is actually skin care!

In a previous post I spoke about my skin and how I had been suffering really badly with it. I was getting terrible angry bumps on my cheeks, some of which have left scarring and it was so upsetting! So even though my skin is so much better now, I have been there and I know how much it can suck but there is light at the end of the tunnel! Just takes patience. My skin actually ended up being caused by the pill I was on, it took me over a year to realise and my mum suggesting it but once I had it changed my skin started improving again! I still get break outs, but on a much smaller scale and nothing like they used to.  Anyway onto the products!

The first thing I use to remove my makeup is still the garnier micellar water. I talked about it previously. I still love it..

To actually wash my face I love these two products. I’m actually still ‘trying’ the nivea which is why I included the Effaclar foaming gel as that has been my favourite for the last 6 months. It’s so gentle, it removed any grime and makeup left over from the micellar water and leaves you skin feeling clean, but not so clean you’re squeaky. As I hate that feeling! The Nivea mousse though, I’ve been using it for the last two weeks and I have to say it’s doing really well! I’ve not had any breakouts, or any other skin issues with it. Cleans the skin, comes out as a foam which is weird as its a liquid so I thought it would foam up when applied but who cares! The only thing I didn’t like as it almost cleans too well, m face feels a little tight after however it’s not caused me to have any dry patches etc so I’m not too worried 🙂

This is like a holy grail product. It’s not exactly cheap, and this is my third one however it’s light, refreshing and when my skin decided to break out just before I went on holiday this stuff really tamed my skin! It’s not exactly magic in a tube, but it comes close. I use it every night after I’ve cleansed my skin.

Okay, so this is a relatively new concept to me. I never ever used to get an eye moisturiser. I was convinced it was a waste of money and you didn’t need it. Then I received a free sample for one (the name escapes me) and it was magic. It made such a difference. My eyes looked more awake and my eye lines weren’t so prominent. Plus it really helped the look of eye makeup! However that one ended up being £75 so I hunted for a more affordable option and came across this. It’s normally £12.99, but I found it when it was reduced and actually looking at superdrug you can still pick it up there for £8.65. It has a really thick consistency and really moisturises. Basically does everything the £75 one did however you won’t feel totally ripped off.

I love this! I actually picked this up when I was in France but you can grab them in boots or amazon. I had used another cream from this brand but I found it was way to heavy for my skin, so whilst it was really good for my dry areas it was also causing me to break out. However this is amazing. It’s a really light moisturiser but it deals with my dry skin amazingly. Plus it’s lasted ages. I will definitely be repurchasing!

And finally. My baby. I love this. Love. I first discovered the idea of using vasaline or aquaphor on the skincare addiction subreddit. It changed my life. I put on a thin layer before I go to sleep and wake up and my skin is just so alive. I used to wake up feeling dry and blur but this just locks in moisture without clogging pores. I love it. Plus this on my lips, has saved them from their dry cracked days. If you buy anything, buy this.

So there they are. All my current favourites that I have been using and loving. I will be posting up a video on my YouTube later for my foundation routine! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you thought? Or what your HG skincare product is!