This year for Christmas I received so many awesome things, including the camera that is taking all these awesome images (even if I am saying so myself..). However I really wanted to talk about these Sigma brushes my Nan gifted me! I had really wanted to try out some of these brushes for a long time however I never had the money to do so. Opening up this present was so exciting because I could not wait to try them!

I just don’t even really know where to start with these brushes. I guess the first thing is they look really professional and they sit on my dresser looking bloody fabulous and I have almost forgotten my other eye brushes, sorry guys.

In terms of performance; they don’t shed, they pick up product amazingly well, they’re so soft and each one does it’s job amazingly. They haven’t lost their shape when washing, and I just genuinely adore them. It could start a very expensive brush addiction.

Sigmas website is here however if you’re in the UK like me the official UK retail sellers can be found here

Let me know in the comments section if you have tried any of their brushes and what you thought or if you want to try some!

Speak soon x