Unexpected Bills

You have an idea of what you’re going to need to pay for, but in reality it’s a really tiny understanding. There were eye watering fees just for paperwork when we moved in, tenants insurance, the cost of council tax and other bills. Paying for household things, like laundry detergent. Seriously, my understanding of how much money would be going out was seriously limited.


If you’re anything like me the first week or two you will be like, OMG must clean everything. As let’s face it you always want everything to stay clean, but the reality is that most people just don’t clean that much! We actually went through a faze where our house would be really messy for long periods of time, but we’ve finally come to a point where we keep the place looking pretty okay most of the time. There’s just a thin layer of dust sitting on shelves now..

Money Spent on food

So you have this nice little idea of how much you’re going to spend. It seems reasonable, you’re both happy with it. But then suddenly you’ve ordered a couple of takeaways, you have to pick up extra bits from the shop. You’re craving a certain meal but you’re missing a vital ingredient and damn these things add up, you realise that you definitely went over budget and you promise to be better next month!

Meal Planning

We still don’t really do this, but pretty much every evening it’s like what are going to eat? Spend like 2o minutes online searching for a recipe, and you know it’s like this annoying chore. I definitely realise how much I underappreciated my mum planning meals, because shit, that stuff is unexpectedly hard.

It’s Awesome

Yeah, there’s all these new stressful things to think about. Yeah, you’re suddenly in charge of looking after yourself 100% but it’s awesome. It’s this level of freedom you haven’t really experienced before and it’s great siting there realising you are actually adulting.

I still sometimes have these moments were I just can’t believe I’m living here with my boyfriend. It’s crazy. It’s great. I love it.