Quick kind of disclaimer. My hair came out pretty red from this dye due to previous dyes I’ve used on my hair. I had stripped it and lightly lightened it a bit but my hair was still carrying a lot of red. This is no fault of the dye! My hair is currently looking kind of pinky/orange from my last wash so time for a refresh!


So before new years I got into my head that I really wanted a vibrant colour, badly. Once I get something like this into my head it’s only a matter of time before it happens! I was tempted to go with mixing two colours to try and get a teal colour, but I might wait to try that. Anyway I was browsing online for the best way to get my desired colour and I stumbled upon Colour Freedom, they’re a cruelty free brand and they do a really nice range of colours. So I wandered down to my local Superdrug and picked up some Pink Pizazz.

I actually did my hair twice.  The first time I weakened the colour too much, and my hair just wasn’t lightened enough for it so it came out kind of pinky orange. The second time I used the dye straight it came out with such an amazing colour, I’m basically wondering what colour to do next out of sheer excitement.

In short I love these dyes. They don’t smell horrible, they successfully dyed my hair, they come in a decent size and a really nice selection of colours!

Superdrug currently have an offer on where selected colours are only £4.66 including the dye used here!

Have you guys tried this dye? What did you think? And if not could you be tempted? 😉