This is a weird one. I’m going to review an app that I have recently discovered that could change my life. Okay, so that might be a bit dramatic but it is definitely helping things! See the thing is I have two sides to me. In the day/evening I’m all like, yes, let’s get up nice and early and then you can have a super productive day tomorrow. More waking hours is awesome. However morning me is like NO stay in bed. That side wins out.

So I found an alarm called Alarmy (Android & IPhones). It gives you different options on how to turn it off; maths (eurgh), picture, shake, normal, barcode/qr-code. I decided to go for a picture, so I took a picture of the rats cage which is downstairs and the first morning my alarm went off I tried to dismiss it. However it wouldn’t, forcing me up and downstairs to take the picture. No, taking a random picture doesn’t work… I tried.

Hhehe but morning me got sneaky. I realised I could simply turn my phone off, and then back on. It worked as well, for two minutes then it went off and insisted I shake my phone 99 times for it to shut up. What kind of hell is that?! Then it might as well have told me off for turning off my phone and said there was a setting so the phone couldn’t be turned off when the alarm was going off. So I’ve set that. Morning me has been defeated. This alarm gets a 5 out of 5 from me!

Before I go! Here is a link to my newest video 🙂