Ah Superdrug, you walk in there for one thing but you always leave with about twenty different things wondering how you spent so much. Some of my absolute favourite things are their face masks. I’ve tried their little sachet ones, and I love all of them pretty much. And now I’m trying these, as for the money you get a lot of product! They retail for £2.59 and as it’s Superdrug they often have offers on.

The only downside was when I tried their mud mask one and I had a bad reaction to it, my face got really itchy and would stay red for ages after. So I had to bin it 🙁 However their Refreshing Face Mask and Exfoliating Face Mask are awesome!

The Refreshing Face Mask is a peeling one, so if you’re like me and used to find it really satisfying to peel glue of your fingers when you were a kid you will love this! It’s genuinely really nice on the face and when I take it off any red areas I had will have faded loads! I really think you can see the difference with this mask. I use it about three times a week now! The only issue I had with this one was the alcohol factor, this can be drying to the skin and I found it ever so slightly irritated my eyes if I got the mask too close. I haven’t had issues with it, but it’s worth baring in mind!

The Exfoliating face mask* is a little different, you wash it off and it uses little tiny fruit seeds as the exfoliant. Now I don’t use this one very often as physically exfoliating the skin can be really bad for it and can lead to little tears in the skin. However every so often I feel like my skin really needs it and this mask does the job amazingly, plus it smells great! I use it about twice a month.

If you have tried any of these products let me know what you think!

Till next time


*I couldn’t find a link online for this one but I know that you can still find it in store.