Last night I was laying in bed when I started thinking about a comment I read a while back. It was a girl asking how she could be more confident when she wasn’t wearing makeup. Now makeup is my thing, I’m obsessed with it. I constantly look for new products to try and there’s nothing I love more (slight exaggeration) than changing up my face. However it’s so important to be confident and happy with how you look naturally so here I am letting you in on what steps I take to make sure I don’t lose myself to makeup!

Take A Couple Of Days Off

I’ve noticed that is I spend a couple of days by myself, wearing no makeup I tend to look at my face differently. I put this down to me being used to my face looking a certain way. If I wear makeup constantly, taking it off leaves my brain with a little shock. I mean, suddenly i’m confronted with skin that’s a bit blotchy and some luggage under my eyes. Taking a few days break helps you realise that actually you aren’t abnormal and freakish and your face looks completely fine!

Toning Down Your Makeup

If you’ve been wearing a full face of makeup every single day then you might struggle with a bare face. You might even get comments on looking ill, as people have grown accustomed to seeing your ‘makeup’ face. That can put anyone off. The best thing to do if you’re worried about that is just to gradually tone things down. Use a bit less, make your brows less bold, stop with the eyeliner for a bit etc. This is something I did a while back when I was more self-conscious and I really wanted to avoid comments about looking like death.

Take A Look At Other People

Now I don’t mean pictures online that look a little too perfect for someone with a nude face, but real life. A lot of people walk around without makeup on and you don’t think they look bad, do you? That’s what people will see when they look at you. I find this helps to remind me that we aren’t all perfect, where would the fun be if we were the considered definition of ‘perfect’? So if you’re a little over critical about yourself, take a step back and remember you’re human. Like everyone else, you look great natural.

So in conclusion, you look awesome; made up, natural, always. Β Even when you’re being too harsh on yourself try to remember people aren’t looking at you as harshly as you look at yourself.

Have you got any tips on increasing self-confidence?