I was flipping between writing about Instagram followers (#f4f) and just ignoring it, however I can’t help myself. So here I am. I’m prepared to get some backlash for this, just remember though I am just expressing my own experiences and opinions.

My post today revolves around follow trains and #f4f. I never participated in the hashtag however I did find myself falling into this pit of follow trains. It’s the same principle, you add your name you follow everyone above you and then they follow you back. It sounds great, especially if you’re struggling with followers, or you’re new and you feel like your pictures aren’t getting any recognition. However I soon learnt that it was the wrong way to go about it, at least it was for me.

On Monday my account had 1054 followers, I was following around 800. However I wasn’t enjoying most of my feed, I was missing loads of people I wanted to see so I decided to go through and look at what people post people. If I didn’t enjoy their feed I unfollowed them. Now the thing that happened next was a little crazy. Within minutes of doing this I lost followers in droves; my current follower count is 864. They must all have an app, but what I couldn’t help but think is that most of these people weren’t following me because of me. Just because they wanted a higher number of followers. Which let’s face it, we all want a large amount of followers but what’s the point if 90% of them aren’t engaging in your posts? I lose followers all the time, if I post up a cat picture I will see me lose a couple, but you know what I really don’t mind. I’m not about to check an app and unfollow them back. It’s almost catty (get it eh? I’ll walk away).

I won’t allow this post to turn into a really long rant, as I could easily type forever but I just felt like I needed an outlet. I loved the idea of these, as it really does help you find lovely people however in my opinion it should be there to help people find others. Not as a way for everyone to boost their own followers and not engage with those they follow.

With that said, what do you guys think of follow trains and #f4f?

Speak to you all soon



P.S. I started a new account with the intention of starting fresh you can now find me @rolli.beauty

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