Saturday Thoughts | Rainbow Makeup

Saturday Thoughts | Rainbow Makeup

Saturday Thoughts | Rainbow Makeup

By Omrane Khuder.

Mirror, distorted; I sit, paint my Face,
Toxic white Make-up buries my Scars,
My Eyes tell lies; Dumbfounded Confidence hides the Disgrace.

Place the tragic Vehicle called My Life in to Drive,
Sad pathetic Clown; Late for the suppression show,
Despair another time; Let the chuckles and defeat derive.

I paint my Heart; I hide my True.
I paint my Soul; I keep it from You.

I paint, I cannot accept; To ignore you the way you ignore Me?
I paint my scarred and pitiful Face; No Will left to restore Me.

I paint my Face; it’s all I know to do.
My painted Face shatters the Mirror, yet still all I see is You.”
Omrane Khuder

I had to share this poem I found today. You’ll hate me when I say I don’t always enjoy poems. I don’t know if it’s carried on from GCSE English or my inability to really appreciate them, but this one genuinely sat with me for the longest time. I will probably leave this post and still think about it, I get it. Or maybe I don’t? I’m not sure. Sometimes I feel like poems come alive the more they hit home for you, even if your interpretation is way off base.

I would like to say however that I’m not implying anything about myself here, or why I like makeup. Or others. I used to struggle with how I saw myself a lot, but that’s more a thing of the past. Now I see it as a creative past time that is really enjoyable! Sometimes though I will share stuff that I find speaks to me. This gave me actual chills.

Makeup details can be found on my instagram.