If you’ve spent any time on the internet you would have heard people rave about coconut oil. They’ll explain how it’s amazing for their skin, which it can be! I actually love the stuff. I use it for cooking, my hair, my skin. Seriously, drown me in it yeah?

However, don’t just go and put this on your face. Spot test it. Why? This oil has a high comedogenic rating, it’s ranked a four which puts it right into¬†skin clogging territory. For some people this will break you out horrendously. Yet I see people continuously posting about how it should be the only thing we ever use. Crazy! You can check out this site for different oils and their ratings, as there are so many that can be wonderful on your skin. You just have to make sure you spot test and don’t introduce too many products in one go, otherwise you might have a bad time!

I’m currently retesting it on my face, as I use it a lot as a body moisturiser and as a hair mask but the last time I used it on my face I suspected it of breaking me out. Although I was also suffering from spots badly back then too, so I’m giving it another go. I will let you all know how I get on with it!

Okay. Several weeks later I have a verdict on coconut oil for me. STOP TRYING IT ROWAN. OMG. Seriously. It broke me out again, but this time more subtly so I didn’t realise what was causing it for ages. But God Damn it. I have ordered some Jojoba oil to try now as apparently it’s amazing, so we shall see. Oh and hilariously, I’ve been pronouncing it wrong for a long time.

Have you used coconut oil other than cooking? What did you think?