“You’re not wearing any makeup? Wow! You’re so brave!”

You’re so brave.  I’ve heard this a lot, and it’s one of the oddest things to hear. I mean is that a compliment? Or an insult? Am I brave because I decided to leave my house with a bare face? Does this make everyone wearing makeup afraid? Since when does leaving your face natural considered a brave thing to do? I don’t feel brave without it, I also don’t feel ashamed and afraid when I do wear makeup. In fact if I don’t wear makeup it’s probably because I couldn’t be bothered, or just wasn’t in the mood for it. Certainly not some act of brave defiance against the cosmetic industry.

Those are my initial thoughts when I hear this. However when I actually stop my mental tirade I can also understand that for some people not wearing any makeup IS a big deal and that they are genuinely worried people are going to think they look terrible without it to the point it gives them great anxiety. Overcoming that, that’s brave.

I see so many posts from well known beauty influences/models/actors showing their natural faces in order to promote a healthier mentality, showing that they too are just a normal person. Its far to easy to get sucked into the idea that people wake up looking flawless (I mean you do, but no one has bomb ass sculpted eyebrows,or a blinding highlight naturally). I’ve been there, you realise on one level that’s a crazy thing to think but the crazy is there telling you that you’ve got to put in that level of effort 24/7. Now I don’t know if the older you get the less you actually give a shit about what other people think, or if I have just become that ‘fuck it’ person but I know now that you’re not getting brave with my natural face. You’re just getting me.