How is it that I am surrounded by ‘how to guides’ on finding your blogging niche, and creating a space that is coherent and easily understood by your readers on what they should expect from you and yet I find myself flummoxed. I want a blog where one day I can post a beauty review or makeup post and then another where I can semi rant about my day, or show you a new recipe, or get stupidly over excited about a new purchase for that bookcase that looked so empty. I honestly don’t think my life is interesting enough in just one area to have a blog focused solely on that, I love following blogs that have their specific niche but I’m completely unable to do the same.

I’ve been scratching my head trying to decide what to post today just because I felt that it had to centre around makeup/beauty which is where I wanted my blog to go but honestly I’d rather it revolved around my life, and all aspects of that. Which upon a bit of research is actually exactly what a lifestyle blog is. A blog where the content is ‘inspired and curated from the authors own personal life’. ¬†Crazily, I have only just googled that, and come to the conclusion half way through this post that actually my blogging niche is lifestyle. A heap of posts about anything and everything.

I’m sure that within the lifestyle niche you are still supposed to have some niche within it (the sub-niche, as otherwise how is anyone going to find your blog that interesting?? OMG), and as a 24 year old living with my boyfriend, studying, and finding time in between to moan about stuff I’m sure my POV isn’t exactly unique. I mean let’s face it this blog is a student blog, amongst a whole wave of student blogs. I’m not going to convince you it’s something it isn’t but I sure do enjoy writing it (when I remember to stop getting sucked into games) and if you stick around you’ll make me think ah ha I have readers! Rather than me being very aware that I’m spewing my thoughts into the great abyss and had I been doing this aloud then it could be a very clear sign of impending madness.

So what have we learned today? Well if you don’t have a niche, within the niche, within the niche then just give up now as your blog is just going to get buried /s