Sleeping for 15 hours. Waking up at 1. Feeling so utterly exhausted that you’re not sure you can get out of bed. Finally getting up because you’ve got three cats mooching around, flicking cat hair and wet noses in your face. Feeding them. Sitting down. Brain not on. Mental exhaustion turning to physical exhaustion. Completely unable to do anything all day. Wondering if this is it forever. Crap.


I felt a lot of this a few months ago, I felt this the other day. It likes to sneak around every so often and remind me of its existence.  Usually when I’m feeling absolutely fine so pile a bunch of stuff on my plate only to then melt into a metaphorical puddle and not move for the foreseeable future.  I mean, I’m okay now. I’ve showered, eaten and don’t have work till Saturday so I can just focus on revision and getting everything together for the move in a few weeks which is me basically writing to do lists and wondering when I’m going to start.

Oh and I hope you’re not reading this expecting a rather profound message as I haven’t got one. In fact this is more a post to offload, I don’t have any answers. I still have no idea what I’m supposed to do on those days where nothing feels possible. Being told to try something for 5 minutes to get you moving is all well good until it seems genuinely impossible to roll off the couch. It would be comical if it weren’t so God Damn stupid.

On a lighter note, did you know Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream is finally going to be hitting the UK? You’ll find me pitched near the freezer aisle.