Rather than dwell on any negatives sometimes it’s nice to reflect on the more positive points in my life! So I thought I would do a rather quick post on five things that are making me happy right now.

1. Moving!

I am so excited to be moving next month! We are moving to a much nicer place, with far more space for us and the animals that is really affordable. Absolutely buzzing!

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash

2. Passing my first year at uni

After struggling with uni the first time and dropping out, returning to uni and passing whilst also doing well has been really great!  So excited to start my second year.

Photo by Yulia Sobol on Unsplash

3. My skin

Seems kind of ridiculous but my skin has improved so much recently that it’s really helped my general mindset. I find when it’s particularly bad I feel rather rubbish about myself.

4. My Pets

Always guaranteed to make me smile, even when they decide to chew the bread bag open and nibble the crusts!

5. My Boyfriend

Because he’s daft as hell.

Is there anything that’s making your day just a little bit better?