When you first attempt to dye you hair a super fun shade, what you don’t anticipate (at least if you’re me) is how quickly the colour can drop. What was once a vibrant red is now a murky reddish pink. Sometimes the fade is awesome, sometimes you want to hide till you refresh it. Having experiences both I thought I would share with you my favourite tips for keeping your hair vibrant as long as possible and more importantly healthy!

Instagram Timeline

First up I want to share with you my hair, on the 3rd July I went back to my all time favourite hair colour red! Using Colour Freedom I turned my faded purple mishmash to this super vibrant red hair.

As you can see the colour has hardly dropped! Now a lot of this is the fact I have only washed my hair three times in the last three weeks, yeah that’s right. Dry shampoo is about to become your new best friend. I used to wash my hair everyday, so this was a massive change for me. It did take my hair a while to calm down on the oils but it is much much better. Plus not over washing your hair is much better for it! On the washing front, invest in a good shampoo and conditioner that isn’t rammed full of synthetic preservatives, sodium laureath sulphate, parabens or phtalates.

My personal favourite shampoos

Superdrugs own range of dry shampoos. Cheap, cruelty free, and they work just as well as the more expensive brands!

This organic and cruelty free grapefruit and lemon shampoo and conditioner from conscious skincare

Oil Masks

Something I love to do, and really ought to do more often is grabbing an oil like coconut oil or argon oil and smothering my hair in it. I always do this on a hair washing day and I love to let it just sit for an hour or more. You’re not going to look very attractive, but I swear by it. Your hair will thank you, it revitalises it. You’ll have shiny, strong hair in no time at all!

Styling With Heat

If you’re a daily blow dryer, or hair straightener/curler you’re going to hate me. However heat causes colour to fade! So if you don’t want to watch your hair colour fade fast then I recommend either having more heat free days, or lowering your heat setting!

I hope these tips are useful to some of you! Do you have any must try tips that I haven’t mentioned? Then please leave a comment below as I’m always searching for ways to keep the colour in my hair!