Okay, so this post is a little bit later than intended. I kind of lost track of the days and just found myself looking at the calendar like damn 4 months till Christmas. So here is a little round up of the Summery month of July, although did anyone else notice a distinct lack of long term summer weather?

The Obvious Thing: My Blog

I finally got back into it! I had left it for so long as I didn’t know what direction I wanted it to go in, or I let myself get really involved in other things allowing my blog to take a back seat. However I don’t plan on letting that happen again! It’s so much fun to plan, write and now take pictures for! As the stock pictures are awesome but I much prefer having control over my photographic content.

I Haven’t Let Anyone Forget: Moving House

Whilst we haven’t moved yet, I have spent the vast majority of July planning it. Or thinking about it. Or being in contact with our new landlord. I mean it’s got to the point where I have started pinning anything I think looks cute to my ‘New Home Ideas’ board. It’s getting out of control. BUT IM SO EXCITED.

I Hate Cooking: Well Actually I Don’t

Okay, so there are those days where thinking of what to cook and then actually having to cook has got to be the worst thing ever… First world problems…. but I know we have all been there. However I have recently been absolutely loving finding new things to try! There’s so many awesome things out there, some of which look nicer than they are and some which look rank but taste great but whichever it falls in it doesn’t matter as it’s just so much fun finding new things! When I was 16 you wouldn’t have caught me dead saying I enjoy cooking, well look at me now 16 year old me!

New Favourite: Kick Start! Body Wash

I found these in ALDI, which is my all time favourite store as it’s so cheap. Plus it’s just been announced that their whole range of store own products are cruelty free and can now have the leaping bunny symbol! Much like Superdrug, awesome. I can’t find these online, but they’re definitely under a £1 and they smell amazing, also did I mention they’re vegan friendly? Sweet.