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Being Productive

This is my number one goal. I will always endeavour to be more productive, and in truth I will probably never be as productive as I want to be. Having days, weeks, months just slip by without having done anything notable is something I hate. Yet this is the story of my life. Yikes! Β You see others who seem to be completely on top of their life and are constantly meeting the goals that they set for themselves, so I spent a little time researching how to improve my own productivity! I thought I would share with you some tips I have found so that you can join me on my productivity journey.

1. Bullet Journal

This is not going to be for everyone however I really recommend that you look into it! I love mine, it’s a completely awesome way of keeping track of whatever the hell you want. There are no limits! If you do a quick Google search, or if you ever look at Pinterest you will have seen all kind of interesting bullet journal pages. There are no limits, it’s completely your own. Mine helps me remember to do a lot of things, including; keeping me aware of important days coming up, allowing me to set monthly goals and keeping an eye on my sleep pattern. This little journal has helped me keep a better handle on my life, trust me, give it a go!


2. Stop Being A Perfectionist!

I’m so guilty of this one, I want things to be completely perfect! However not only is that pretty unrealistic and setting myself up to fail it is also preventing me from moving on from a task that is complete and starting a new one. I really, really need to start listening to this advice.

3. Eating Well & Frequently

Have you ever missed breakfast, then had a measly lunch and spent the whole day wondering why you feel absolutely exhausted? This happens to me sometimes. If I have caused my self to rush and I end up not eating enough my whole body will let me know. I don’t function very well without regular meals! Your body needs energy, and without it you’re less likely to feel up to doing anything. If you’re terrible at remembering to eat regularly it may be worth setting yourself a food alarm!

Thug Kitchen Recipe Book Modelled by Bagel

Thug Kitchen Recipe Book Modelled by Bagel

4. Work Timer!

You’ve got looming deadlines but you still find yourself with 4 tabs open, none of which have anything to do with your work? You find yourself scrolling through Facebook, even though there is nothing new? Yeah, you have just found your procrastination twin. It sucks, why do we continue to do this to ourselves?? Well one way I have found to crack this procrastination addiction is to use a timer. Set your self a 30 minute work timer. Then close down all those tabs, turn off your phone and give 100% to that piece you’re supposed to be working on! Then once you’re 30 mins are up have a 5-10 minute break doing whatever it is you want, and then go back for another 30 minutes! Not only is 30 minutes a reasonable time to stay focused, you can also get a whole lot done.

As always I absolutely love to hear from you guys! So let me know what you think of these tips, and also don’t forget to share yours! Help us serial procrastinators!


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