Heh. When a whole month flies by, you have to wonder how quickly your year is going! As some of you may know we moved house last month. I will have a post up showing you very soon! It is amazing, it’s double the size of our last place and our landlord has been amazing. I promise to fill you all in soon, however this blog post is dedicated to a new member of the family!

So, we love dogs and have wanted one of our own for some time! However our last house wouldn’t allow it, plus it was so small with no real garden to speak of that we just couldn’t. Then when we moved into this one, we couldnt help but think it was an actual possibility! We were both under the impression this wouldn’t be for a while though… Turns out, this little woofer happened to be needing a new home due to a change in family circumstances and we couldn’t say no! Especially seeing as we currently have a lot of time on our hands (I work part time, and my uni hours aren’t very demanding) plus she loves the cats, ignores the rats and honestly if you believe in fate then this is the perfect example.

Soooo without further ado, everyone meet Bonnie! A 5 month old female black labrador. She is cheeky, cute, intelligent and full of energy! She even made an instagram for herself 😉 @bonnieonthegram

Bonnie The Labrador Bonnie The Labrador Bonnie The Labrador

Be prepared for many dog related blog posts, and more pictures! For now I have to run as she is currently tearing up a loo roll!!!!