I have been more than neglectful over the last few months, so I hope you guys can forgive me! Things have been a little bit all over the place for me so I have been trying to organise myself in my ‘real-world’ life before coming back and trying to sort out a routine for my blogging life. To begin with I thought it would be nice to do a top five list. Five things that have been going well for me/or that I have been enjoying over the last month.

1. Bonnie

I’d be daft not to include our new dog in the top five! She is amazing, such a goofball. Also incredibly irritating sometimes when she rips up your favourite book, but no one is perfect? I love her, and I hope she feels the same way! It’s just super nice having her around constantly, saying hello at the door, punching me awake in the morning and forcing me out of the house at least once a day!

Bonnie, black labrador

2. Plants

Okay so I always liked plants, but I would be awful about watering them. The only plant I managed to keep alive was an Aloe Vera as they can survive a long time without watering, however recently I have had quite a few houseplants that are doing really well! They make a room look so much better, plus I have heard they really improve the air quality. I recently purchased a largish fern, so fingers crossed that doesn’t die on me..

3. Uni

Made it to my second year, feeling pretty good about it! Really happy to be back, and hopefully I survive another year!

4. My Blog

So this is a weird one as I haven’t really been that active on it recently, however just the other day I received a surprise (well I knew about it but had assumed it wasn’t really going to happen) in the post! I need to properly try it and test it before I write anything on here but it really made my day!

5. Aldi’s Cleaning Stuff

Being cruelty free! Makes life a lot easier as that’s where we shop the most 🙂 Seems as if in this day and age these kind of things really should be cruelty free so it’s nice to have it across the board in one of our favourite supermarkets.

Anything cool happen in September for you? Looking forward to this month? Let me know in the comments section below x