Hey there! I’m so glad you found me. I hope you’re enjoying yourself so far and if you’re all comfy I would like to tell you a little bit about me, the woman behind the blog.

Who Am I?

Well I’m Rowan, a 24 year old who is currently studying Psychology. Late I know, but we all make our own way at our own pace! I currently live in Cambridgshire with my boyfriend, Dave and our three cats and six rats.

Wait, you have three cats and 6 rats??

I do! The cats are called Bagel, Bilbo and Loki. Whereas our rats are called; Biscuit, Toast, Tea, Daisy, Waffle and Crumpet. They’re all incredibly cute, and a lot to keep up with sometimes. Crazy animals.

What Is RolliBeauty About?

I blog about my personal style, beauty reviews, makeup looks and anything relating to these topics. Sometimes I throw in the odd experience post, and as I also like to keep this a positive environment for people I enjoy writing about self esteem and confidence.

Why Did You Start Rollibeauty?

I love writing about these things! And to be honest people in my life probably get sick of me rabbiting on about them, so I thought why not start a blog where others with similar interests can read and share their opinions? I’ve started a few in the past, but this one is the first one that hasn’t been forgotten and honestly I believe that it’s because I’m doing it my own way rather than worrying about what others are doing.