Jesus. We still haven’t bought any actual food shopping. It’s pretty dire at the moment. Living on takeaway. Although today we did manage to buy a chicken and some wine (Oops! p.s. that chicken isn’t ours, it won’t look that nice here’s the source) I promise we’re going tomorrow! On the other hand Bagel and Loki have food coming asap, because kitties can’t go without!

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My week off is coming to an end though which is kind of sad although at the same time it will be good to go back to work, plus I have another week off in about 4 weeks so I can’t complain! Dave just got the new COD game that was released today, so this means I’m about to lose him to massive online gaming sessions :O Anyone else experiencing this right now?

Back to this chicken. I’ve never cooked a whole chicken before, and to be fair once this chicken is done I still won’t have cooked a whole chicken as it’s Dave who’s in charge of it as no doubt we’d both die of food poisoning if I was to attempt it. It even has how long you should cook it for on the wrapper but it’s scary! It’s so big!!

The cats are begging for food. They get fed at 7 and they started at 5!

Went into town today and picked up the Garnier Micellar Water, so I’ll have to let you all know how I get on with that soon! I really like it so far but my skin is pretty prone to breakouts so I’m going to try it for a bit before I write any kind of review on it!

Speak soon! xx

P.p.s. My eyes are stinging! What’s happening, I think we’ve burnt the chicken!!