My weekend off is coming to an end 🙁 It’s going to so hard getting back into the swing of work again. Especially considering I’m quite new at my job anyway (so was a little surprised I had any holiday!) what if I’ve forgotten everything?? I guess we will find out tomorrow!

Oh my God, right so since I moved out I have been obsessed with candles. I love how amazing they can smell, and I could never really have them at home as it was thought my sister reacted badly to them. Although now she is all about the candles so all those candleless years were for nothing.. Anyway, I went into town today and did a bit of shopping and I found these candles in Waitrose by Lily Flame and I’m obsessed already! I was spending ages in there sniffing all these candles trying to decide when I smelt Fairy Dust and I was instantly sold. I bought the one in the glass jar (£12), and have already had it lit in my living room and it smells so nice! Of course now it means I want them all and I can’t afford to spend any more money on candles this month. I have been heavily hinting at candles for Christmas though, so who knows 😀

I also grabbed the cute little snowman tea light holder you can see in the picture from poundland and a little conifer tree. I know we’re still in November (Dave already said I should hide the snowman till Christmas) but I think it’s cute. Plus it’s cold outside and who said snowmen had to be only Christmas things, right??

Before I forget I sourced the feature image from Lily Flame site here, where you can also do a little bit of candle shopping if you wanted 😉

Bye for now!

P.S. Bagel looking awesome

Little bowtie 😊 #cats #cat #catsagram #catsofinstagram #potd #bowtie #cute

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