Okay so in a previous post I explained about my skin and how I didn’t like trying new things as the chance that my skin might decide it absolutely hates something and break out into a zillion big red painful spots/lumps is pretty high. However I decided to try a new moisturiser, now this is because whilst my old trusty Nivea night cream used to be perfect I believe it no longer is so 🙁 My skin seemed to be drying up which was more noticeable to me when I applied my True Match foundation rather than my usual Bare Minerals, as my forehead kinda looked scaly. Not good! Also I was still getting spots even though I had stripped my routine down to the bare basics, so I figured I was going to brave it.


After doing a little bit of research I was going to go for one of the Origins moisturisers but when I went into my local boots I couldn’t find it anywhere! I was just going to grab my usual at this point as I had completely run out but then my eyes where draw to Avène! They have really nice simple packaging, plus there’s something about French skin care that had me thinking it might be good haha. Now this is way more than what I would usual pay on an skin care item (barring my BHA and AHA exfoliators from Paulas Choice) as it was £17 in boots however I’m really glad I got it.


So for the last week and a half I’ve been using this cream morning and night and here is my run down;

  • It’s a thick moisturiser, it does take a little time to soak in but it’s extremely moisturising which is exactly what I needed!
  • There is a slight fragrance but it’s not overpowering, I’m not sure how to exactly describe it. It just makes me thing of moisturiser!
  • My skin has really calmed down. No new spots, old spot marks are fading rapidly, my skin is less red and its also really smooth and not dry.

Comes with a handy little spatula as the container is a weird shape. Plus I feel like it’s a little more hygienic than dipping your fingers in? But maybe that’s just me 🙂


Would I purchase this again? Yes, a 100x yes! If it keeps up I may even be tempted by some of their other products for sensitive skin 🙂

Speak soon! xx