Oh wow, where have the months gone? I was aware it had been a while since I last posted but it has been ages! I’ve had a few things going on, personal crap, so I took a break from my barely started blog.

We have some new additions to the house that I will definitely blog about soon! And I recently purchased a little point and shoot camera so I can start taking decent pics etc as my phone makes me want to throw it out of the window. It won’t arrive till tomorrow though! So for now here is a little make up pic I took the other day, basic work look (when I can be bothered to apply more than just a little foundation and blush haha)


Urm, lets see. Products were;

  • Primer – Nivea
  • Healthy mix foundation by Bourjois
  • Rose Ambre by Bourjois
  • Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
  • Master Brow Pro Palette by Maybelline
  • Eyeshadows are Bare Mineral (need to check shades)
  • Bourjois Line Feutre – Black
  • Setting Spray – L’oreal Infallible

Okay so that’s all for now! Promise to have some better posts up soon 🙂