My first blog of today! I am planning on posting again later but this one is a little introduction to my rats 🙂 We got them about two months ago now? And surprisingly it was my boyfriend who convinced me! As when I was younger I used to have a few, I say a few but I ended up with quite a lot! For the girls I had; Kenco, Salt, Pretzel, Delilah, Brie and Bailey. For the boys I had; Padfoot, Moony, Mr.Squinty (was Prongs), Dandelion and Burdock. I didn’t have them all at the same time as I think it was between the ages of 15-19, but yeah I became slightly rat obsessed! however losing them is heart breaking as you get so attached and they really don’t live that long, so I went on a break from keeping them, that is until my boyfriend happened!


Left: Toast | Right: Biscuit

The first two we got were Toast and Biscuit. They were so nervous when we brought them home, but they came around really quickly. We got loads of pictures of them sleeping when they were younger but now they just run around like lunatics when they come out so we can only really video them! Also my apologies for the rubbish pictures! A lot of these, in fact most of these are phone pics 🙂


Things like this make me wonder how anyone can dislike them!


We did have a really big problem when we got them though! The bars on their cage are just big enough that they could squeeze out!! We had biscuit running around on the top of the cage, which led to a major freak out and ‘uglying up’ the cage which seemed to do the job. Except when one of the others, Tea found a gap and was running around our living room. With the cats out. Who thank fully where either too lazy, or hadn’t yet seen her! Patched up the gap though and did a really thorough check. So all is well on that front! We do plan on purchasing a new cage soon, as honestly its just this monstrosity in our living room haha




Tea – bit of an enigma, still very scatty and hard to get pics of!

Tea and Daisy were are next two additions. Only about a week apart. This was more my fault, but I base my decision on the fact the three is better than two and we couldn’t separate Tea and Daisy! Plus they’re both incredibly cute! However both of them are taking a little longer to get confident around us. Tea especially! I find her so hard to photograph as I’m still trying to be extra careful not to scare her! They are both coming around, but I get the feeling they haven’t had the best start in life. Poor little boos.

Anyways, I love them to pieces! I always say rats are a lot like dogs when ever people ask about them. My boyfriend has managed to get toast to get up on his hand on command which I think is pretty cool! Will have to try and get a video of that soon 🙂 If you have any questions drop me a comment, but for now a couple more pictures and then I guess I better go and do some washing *sigh*