Bit of a fail today really. I wanted to do a really cool make up look but then I ended up not doing that, and then when I was taking pictures I felt like I looked really mergh. I mean high there forehead!? I swear I almost ditched the whole attempt, but I’m trying the whole ‘don’t be so negative about yourself’ thing. As normally I take a picture and then I sit there thinking about how much I hate it and dammit that’s how I look. Not cool.



Trying to set up the remote thingy. I took these using my phone to control the camera, cool! But also half my pictures were me looking at my phone, kinda hard. 

Excuse the mess you guys, washing clothes and finding places to dry them is a pain in a teeny house.


Eyeliner refused to go right today! Foundation though, love! Could be the Nivea primer, loving this product atm.



Aaand a filtered pic of one I’m not so keen on.


Finally Bagel letting me know I need to sort my life out.

I mean I feel like my makeup turned out okay today! Just I don’t feel so great about how I actually look if you know what I mean?  I am trying to work on it though, the other day I saw a picture that I remember looking at and thinking how rubbish I looked but this time around I thought I looked okay which means that a lot of it is all in my head. Plus I never look at other peoples photos and look for flaws, I always think how good they look? So why brain why!?

Anyways as you can see it’s a pretty neutral look again, with some winged eyeliner that I haven’t actually done in ages! Man I miss it but it’s not really that suitable for work.

Loki is pestering me for attention, so talk again soon!