Hey you guys! Every so often I go through these slumps where the ability to do anything except the basics becomes utterly impossible. Which is why my posts are so sporadic. However recently I’ve been feeling pretty good! I’m eating better, getting back to the gym, looking after my surroundings so all in all my mood is pretty good and I’m being more productive.

Anyway, this blog post was a skin related one! It’s incredibly annoying but I never got any decent pictures when I was struggling with super bad skin issues as I was embarrassed and ashamed by it. I wish I wasn’t! As I’m more aware now that when you look at yourself you tend to focus on the negatives which isn’t what most people do. I never look at someone and go yikes, your skin is so bad. Sometimes if I’m talking to someone and they ask me if this spot on their face looks bad I’m even like wtf I didn’t even notice you had one. So I guess, that really helped! I still get spots, if I get stressed out or I neglect myself I’ll see it in my skin before anywhere else. Except now, I’m trying to train my brain to look at myself in a more positive light.

They say if you look in the mirror and try to only think positive things, it changes the way you think about yourself. You know what? I believe it 100%. Other people can talk until their blue in the face about how pretty you are, how nice you are but until you can think that about yourself it has no impact on your self esteem. Now I’m not saying I don’t have days where I slip up, and I feel crap about my face, or my hair, or my body  or maybe everything all at once but they’re becoming less and less common. I mean I’ve had bare skin days when I’ve had spots, I’m growing out my fringe that I assumed I would always have as I was so afraid of how big my forehead was and it’s mainly because I started looking at at myself and thinking “eh, you don’t look so bad today” “That spot isn’t even that bad” “I like how open my face is without hair in it”

Actually this blog post was more self esteem related rather than skin related. So I guess I’ll end it by saying; it’s not easy, it’s not something you’ll wake up tomorrow and have. It’s also not going to mean you won’t have rubbish days but…

Fake it till you make it

Love you guys, I’ll post soon x