So it’s finally the end of January! I say finally but I actually find this month has gone by ridiculously fast, and I’m totally not prepared for all the things happening in the coming months however I thought I would do a really brief round up of how this month has gone for me 🙂


Things are going okay on this front. I’m feeling pretty good, although I seriously need to work on working out more and perhaps eating healthier. I’m not super bad about it but I do feel slightly neglectful recently and that makes me feel a bit naff. On wards and upwards for February though!


I’ve just started back, so I don’t even know why I have put this section it! I’m seriously planning on working harder for the coming semester though as I don’t want to end up panicking towards the end. I guess I will be checking back in with this one at the end of February!

Social Media

I’m so happy with this one as I have been seeing a steady increase in traffic and interaction across the different social media platforms that I’m on. Almost at a 1000 followers on Instagram which is so insane, and I have an amazing 85 subscribers on youtube. So, yeah, really exciting!

My Product Of The Month

It has to be the NYX soft matte lip cream. I’m so obsessed. I won’t be writing too much here as I do have a review coming soon. However I’m seriously impressed with them and I’m so happy that they have landed in out local boots!


All in all this month has been a really good month. I’m super excited about what’s to come this year and I hope you are too. What’s one thing that you have been thrilled about this month?